Photo from Bailey & Riley's Vintage Eclectic Wedding at Zimmerman Vineyards by MTD Photo Co

The B&B Experience

Beauty & the Budget Events is a Full-Service wedding planning company that’s here to celebrate authentic love stories and help couples create a wedding that reflects their relationship.

A wedding can be beautiful on any budget, so if you’re ready to design a day that focuses on you, rather than trends and expectations, look no further.

Cailyn & Mitchell

Our Love Story

Matt and I met when he hired me for a part time job at Papa Johns. I wasn’t excited about the gig, but it was convenient while I was at NC State, and a cute manager was a perk.

We spent the better part of 3 years ignoring our feelings for each other, and every time we took a step toward each other, something knocked us a few steps back. So when the timing was right, we were like magnets, and one touch was all it’d take to connect us in a way I wasn’t willing to lose.

Stephanie Milosh – Authenticity Advocate, Daring Designer, Spreadsheet Extraordinaire

Cailyn & Mitchell

I want you to enjoy your wedding planning process from start to finish. I’ll do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your engagement. Imagine how much extra time you’ll have if you don’t have to communicate with vendors, do tons of research, and stress over the little details!

Together we’ll tackle each step, and if you have a busy life or you’re a self-proclaimed procrastinator, you’ll love knowing that I’ll be keeping an eye on the planning process so nothing gets lost, forgotten, or rushed at the last minute. 

​I actually love the logistics – the budgets, timelines, worksheets, and planning details that you might not love – so you get to focus on whatever part of planning you most enjoy. After all the planning, we could confidently pass your wedding weekend packet to a stranger, and it’d still be everything you imagined and more.

Sparta, NC Wedding Planner | Serving all of North Carolina

While some vendors prefer to work at the same venues all the time, we love visiting new spaces across the state. All these towns have played a special part in our wedding planning adventure.

We can't wait to work with you if...

  • You want a cohesive design including things you both love
  • The experience is more important than the expectations
  • You love color, texture, personal details, and alternative ideas
  • You want to include culture, religion, hobbies, passions, fandoms, and your personalities in ways that express what matters to you and your marriage
  • You want vendors who are awesome, not just adequate
  • You’re looking for a planner who’s as excited about your wedding as you are