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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Caterer
4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Caterer

Selecting the caterer for your wedding or event is one of the most important elements of planning, second only to booking your venue. Food is what brings us together in everyday life, and although it may not be the reason for your event, it’s a central focus of hosting. When guests leave an event, they remember the overall feeling, whether or not they had fun, and if they enjoyed the food – so let’s make sure the food is worth talking about!

How to Throw the Best Engagement Party
How to Throw the Best Engagement Party

Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting and anticipated events in a young couple’s life, and everyone who loves you and loves love is going to want to celebrate. Calling every relative and sitting down for coffee with every friend individually can sound like a daunting way to jump into engaged life, so the best way to celebrate your love story and show off your new sparkle is by throwing an engagement party! Because really, there are only so many times in your life when you get to be the center of attention, so why not enjoy it for all it’s worth and drink some champagne while you’re at it.

The First Three Steps to Plan Your Dream Wedding
The First Three Steps to Plan Your Dream Wedding

I’ll never forget the night my husband asked me to be his forever – it’s a moment that will always be etched in my memory, especially the way I felt. If you just got engaged, my first recommendation is to take a deep breath and revel in your happiness with your partner. The next step is a pretty natural one – start the celebrations by sharing the good news with your families, friends, and then… all of social media. During the next few weeks, you may also choose to have an engagement party, get your ring sized and insured, and ask your besties to be in your wedding party.

The Bride’s Escort: Making Your Way Down the Aisle
The Bride’s Escort: Making Your Way Down the Aisle

I always love when someone asks me about the origin of a wedding tradition, because most of the answers are pretty ridiculous. For example, some couples wonder if they should have a first look because they’ve heard that it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the ceremony. But in the days of arranged marriages when the couple didn’t meet before wedding, it was only bad luck because the groom might see her and run away!!!

Why should I hire a wedding planner?
Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Wedding planning can drive pretty much anyone crazy. It’s likely the biggest project you’ve ever worked on, there are a million moving parts, and everyone you know wants to tell you the right way to plan it. Even if you’re a naturally organized person, there are so many checklists, guides and timelines available online that it can become overwhelming, and there’s probably at least one area that you’re clueless about. From linens, table design and flowers to food, drink and entertainment, not to mention managing a wedding budget, paying vendors on schedule and making sure no detail is overlooked, there is a lot to handle.

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"Stephanie is the best!!! Her responsiveness and attention to detail made it so that we had every detail of wedding planning covered. We wanted to be involved in the planning so she gave us space to do our own thing and then was there to make sure all of the pieces came together! By the day of, we didn't have to lift a finger and she brought our vision to life perfectly." - Alyssa & Zach, Coordination 2021

Stephanie worked hard to make sure all of our vendors were up to date with any changes, that our guests would feel safe and comfortable, and that even though it was different than originally planned it still remained the day of my dreams. It was so nice to know that she was on my team. The day of the wedding all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the day because I knew everything was being handled by Stephanie and her awesome team. - Jasmine & Greg, Partial Service

Stephanie worked hard to make sure all of our vendors were up to date with any changes, that our guests would feel safe and comfortable, and that even though it was different than originally planned it still remained the day of my dreams. It was so nice to know that she was on my team. The day of the wedding all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the day because I knew everything was being handled by Stephanie and her awesome team. - Jasmine & Greg, Partial Service
I've had a lot of guests come back to me and comment on how impressed they were with the wedding and how much fun they had! And thank you again for everything that you and your husband did for us!” - Karla Krutch, Full Service

"I would definitely recommend Stephanie! She made it so I didn't have to be asked any questions the day of our wedding which is exactly what I wanted!!!!" - Kelsey, Coordination

“I can't even begin to tell you how great of a job you are doing! I know this wedding will be HUGE and a long travel and just A LOT but you are coming up with such good ideas and staying calm through all of it. Seriously, you are doing SO SO SO wonderful and I could not be a non-bridezilla without you!” - Dakota Dukes, Full Service

"Stephanie was an absolute blessing for our wedding! She was always available when needed, made sure everything was in order and was so kind! Everything went so smoothly on our wedding day and we have Stephanie to thank for that." - Rachael & Michael, Coordination

“Stephanie was awesome! She was our full service planner and went above and beyond, from vendor recommendations, logistics and overall support! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and beautiful. The day was scheduled impeccably and our family and friends are still raving about the whole day! I miss the whole process already, thanks Stephanie!! " - Brittany & Keahi, Full Service

Stephanie was our rock during the entire planning and day of process. She knew exactly when to encourage us to just breathe and not stress about every single little detail. The best thing about working with Stephanie was that it felt like she was not just another vendor, but a friend in our personal circle. She really made sure everything came together so our day could be everything we dreamed. Thank you, Stephanie!!!” - Roscoe & Steph, Full Service

“Stephanie’s theme design workshop was perfect for creating a cohesive vision and making our ideas a beautiful reality! Through the theme design workshop, both of our voices and ideas were heard and recognized.  Stephanie was able to blend both of our individual preferences into perfect harmony...definitely recommend this service!!” - Sarah & Ernst, Wedding Design Workshop & Coordination

Stephaine was AMAZING to work with. She made sure our wedding day went off without a hitch and really helped make it the best day EVER! She was always willing to answer any question I could think of and gave some amazing advice. I had a lot of anxiety about my wedding day but she helped so much that I didn’t have to stress about anything and knew it would be perfect ! Stephaine and her team would be a great addition to any wedding team !” - Katy & Robby, Coordination

“I want you to know that every time I started feeling anxious, that it always went away the minute I saw you.  I know I probably wasn't the most "chatty" (let's say?) of brides and I wasn't always sure of some things, but you did a perfect job organizing the day and making the timeline so seamless.  Because of you, everyone had so much FUN!” - Amy & Chris, Coordination

She was on top of everything. She was able to help with all the vendors, the venue, and the decorating. She helped calm down the bride on the wedding day. She gave us food when we were getting pictures done. She helped give us ideas when we asked for decoration ideas. She was so flexible on meetings and extremely nice. When we had a problem, she responded quickly (Sometimes within 10 minutes). Overall she was the most pleasant person to work with. 10/10 for sure!” - Hillary & Andrew, Coordination

“Stephanie was amazing! We highly recommend using her for your big day plans. She truly was thorough in the planning and coordination. We met up multiple times or even did a chat here and there. It help minimize a lot of extra unnecessary stress. On the day of she was on time (early) with her assistant and I didn’t even have to lift a finger (which was huge)! Even after the big day she kept a good communication on what’s next to come and to expect. We highly recommend beauty and budget events for coordinating your big day!” - Shefa & Louis, Coordination

“Stephanie was excellent to work with. From the first meeting until after the ceremony she was prompt, professional, and strove to understand exactly how *we* wanted our wedding to be so that she could ensure that all the details were just so. This was made more difficult by our wedding being mostly DIY, but she put in the work to ensure that everything was setup and coordinated perfectly.” - Brad & Emily, Coordination

“Absolutely amazing! I cannot imagine planning my wedding without Stephanie. She kept me on track, everything was so organized, she thought of all the little details, and made my day run so smoothly. Nothing but great things to say!” - Brittany & Ryan, Coordination 

“10/10 Would Recommend Working with Stephanie! Stephanie was the perfect person to help plan our wedding! We did the partial planner package with her, and I couldn't imagine a better counterpart (other than my husband, of course!) in planning our wedding! She was perfect in affirming our decisions, providing guidance when we weren't sure which direction to go, and assuring confidence in all of the details!” - Madison & Zach, Partial Service

“We found Stephanie on Wedding Wire in January of 2019 and hired her as our Day of Coordinator. "Day of" is just a speck of what Stephanie actually does for couples - she is the backbone of the entire communications with vendors and logistics of the ceremony/reception. She is amazing at problem solving and eases any nerves you may have. Stephanie has a knack for answering the questions you never even thought to ask. We could have never asked for a better planner - she is professional, extremely organized, and makes your dream wedding day come true.” - Kellie & Dan, Coordination

“Stephanie was a God send to us, from the moment we met her at the wedding show. She has a fun personality, and truly tailored our planning process to not just me, but my now husband as well. I am more of the planner and visionary, and my now husband is more laid back, and she worked great with both of us. The monthly, (then weekly- as we got closer to our date), skype calls were amazing, I always felt like we were all on the same page. She is extremely organized, and works with the best vendors. She picked our wedding photographer, and we fell in love with her too! My favorite part was feeling like we were gaining friends by working with Stephanie and Matt- they are just that personable! It was certainly a bit weird not talking to her weekly, or seeing her name pop up in our emails. If you are planning a wedding, STOP immediately until you call Stephanie!!” - India & Colin, Full Service


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